About Us

Jeff Jacobsen

Jeff Jacobsen, Owner

The owner, Jeff Jacobsen, has 29 years of experience working on only BMWs. Because of his familiarity with the vehicle, most of the typical problems experienced by each model can be diagnosed more rapidly. We have a variety of test modules at our disposal for this purpose. We are committed to providing fast, reliable, honest repairs and value the relationship we share with our customers.

Our services include everything from oil and filter changes to major component replacements.

Our Parts Department has a complete supply of fast moving parts in stock.

We are experienced with extended warranty procedures for claims and repairs.

Engine, transmission and chassis electrical diagnostics and programming are performed using the Autologic diagnostic tool.

Air conditioning service is performed by licensed technicians using the recovery/recycling system for R-134A Freon gas.

Pre-purchase inspections are available for $55.00.

We also have the ability to order, mount and balance tires on site.

Simple emergencies such as bulb and battery replacements are usually performed while you wait.

Our clients can enjoy door-to-door service from Hertz Rent-A-Car for approximately $30.00 a day should a rental car be needed. Local towing service is also available through Matteson & Beers Towing.